Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gorilla Sessions

Just a few pictures from a great day on the Green the other weekend. Had the SCUD out there and was having a blast with it! It's short length provides some great boofs and lets the paddler get creative with their lines, making creeking a innovative freestyle session. (No freestyle off Gorilla though, sorry!)

My buddy Chris firing it up C-1 style!!!

Another good friend of mine, Will Lyons, making the C-1 presence at the Green known.

A recent UNCA alumni, and future math teacher dude, James, making it look good.

The Green is just way too good, I know everyone's seen plenty of Gorilla pictures, but it's just cool to see so many of your buddies out there firing it up, and I wanted to share some sweet lines. Thanks to Rich Tritel for clickin' the pics on this fine Saturday.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Trashcan Falls

Trashcan Falls is a popular swiming hole at summertime water levels. But when the Watauga gets up close to a grand, then it's one of the best drops in the High Country. I was lucky enough to catch it with enough water the day before final exams started. Thanks to Mike Powell for being there with a camera.