Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gorilla Sessions

Just a few pictures from a great day on the Green the other weekend. Had the SCUD out there and was having a blast with it! It's short length provides some great boofs and lets the paddler get creative with their lines, making creeking a innovative freestyle session. (No freestyle off Gorilla though, sorry!)

My buddy Chris firing it up C-1 style!!!

Another good friend of mine, Will Lyons, making the C-1 presence at the Green known.

A recent UNCA alumni, and future math teacher dude, James, making it look good.

The Green is just way too good, I know everyone's seen plenty of Gorilla pictures, but it's just cool to see so many of your buddies out there firing it up, and I wanted to share some sweet lines. Thanks to Rich Tritel for clickin' the pics on this fine Saturday.


Blogger Colonel Sanders said...

Nice shots Coop. I'm pretty bummed that the Green was only running 60% this weekend. I was really stoked to give it to her for the first time with as solid a group of boaters as I could ask for. I feel a cough coming on around Friday (assuming it's running) and may need to call in sick. You in?

5:47 AM  
Blogger Chris Gragtmans said...

The blog looks sick man! Nice work and I'm stoked to paddle with you again this fall. The hurricane season's gonna be good bro...
Alright talk to you later peace.

9:04 AM  

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