Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bunny Break '07: Dashboard Biscuit

Spring Break Round 2, Camp King, Boonetown Heads South Tour. Call it what you want, but really it was all about the Biscuit. And the Bunny. The Biscuit and the Bunny.

Friday morning, and the Green is going 'till five!!! A good start to the morning always means our boy at Tuxedo Hydrostation is fired up. That man has the dream job of a lifetime, and sometimes day-dreaming about holding that position is the only thing that makes me go to class. Here I am on one of my absolute favorite rapids EVER! Gorilla. Photo by King Charles, Tanks a tot, man.

Met up with Daniel Talley from Crown Town. Talley is pictured here getting on some of that G-Munk Love. Photo by King Charles.

Will Stubbs dropping into the tube at Groove Tube. Stubbs has had the "Green Fever" ever since popping his cherry out on the Gnars. Once you pop, you just can't stop.

Speaking of popping cherrys...The one and only, King Charles, somewhere in there! Charles started the Bunny Break with his first run down the Gnars. His weapon of choice? A playboat. Haha HAHA, nice work, brotha!

Danny Boy launching one with a studder-swigger-swagger stroke at the lip. Danny has been making his mark at the US National Whitewater Center, where after school he can be spotted trying to get tricky with it on the M-Wave.

Beastie Boys known to let the beat, MMMmmmm DROP!!? This picture makes Sunshine look like child's play, is that a pool it lands in, or what? Haha, do not be fooled young grasshopper! Props out to the photo by Stubbs.

From the Green we met back up with Connor and Spencer and headed to Camp King. Camp King is a wonderful, magical, mystery camp tucked away on Lake Chatuge. Big THANKS to Mr. and Mrs. King for hosting a bunch of college bums! And thanks for Stubbs for getting us there!!!

Dashboard Biscuits. I blame Jimmy Blakeney for getting me into this madness known as kayaking, it all started when he gave me a copy of Chris Emerick's classic "Dashboard Burrito." We roll with our own breakfast of choice: Mrs. King's Biscuits!!!

The Ocoee was the destination for Day 2. I can't even guess when the last time I was at the Ocoee, but with cool weather scaring away the crowds it was great to be back. Choppin' Choppin' my Brocolli. Choppin' Choppin' my Brocolli. No pictures, Merrr.

If you like to drink soda, let me hear ya' say Coca-Cola!!! Coca-Cola!!! We woke up Easter morning to quite an intense easter Egg hunt, then headed over to the Tallulah. Here we have King Charles scouting the drop above the put-in. Looks good to go over on the left, but kind of not so much on the ferry you're left with to exit the torrent.

The gang scouts Oceana. A mighty fine rapid to run on Easter Sunday, the extra "Sunday Water" steps up the game for paddlers running the big O.

Connor catches some aireal cushioning under his be-hind for the ride down the slip-n'-slide.

Here I am feeling rather small on the middle line. At this point all you're concerned with is that $100 bill stashed under your right armpit.

Here we find Spencer, Stubbs and King Charles playing in one of the numerous playspots below Oceana. The next spot below this one is an even better spot to wheel your heart out. Below these playspots, "The Gauntlet" is some of the best boogie found on the Tallulah. Another thanks out to the Kings for running our shuttle!!!

The next morning Spencer and Conner headed back to Boone, while Stubbs, KC and I went to paddle at the "Slab" on the Tuck. Turns out "technical difficulties" is code for the river ain't running! We set up camp in Pisgah and headed back to the Green for another round. Here's KC coming out of Groove Tube, well at least his paddle is coming!

Ahh the Green. It's always fun to take people down the Green, it's like introducing them to crack, except it's more addictive and a little safer to experiment with.