Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Muscle Fork: Stick a Fork in it!!!

Eat it Tina! You just got to stick a fork it. The Muscle Fork, the Russell Fork, not your Rusty Spoon, no sporks either, straight up, 100% high quality H2o. The price to pay? JC time.

It's 5am, and I'm awake. This isn't a normal routine of mine unless I have to meet Adam Herzog somewhere, in this case at his house in Johnson City. We're headed to the Russell Fork, which has been rather swollen since recent rains. The Dam operators have been pounding the water into the gorge at flows over 25,000 cfs. It has dropped down to a resonable level, but still should be high, maybe around 2 Grand.

These are the only two pictures that came out from the day, since this was the only time we ever got out of our boats (we portaged First Drop of Triple Drop due to the terminal backwash of the ledge hole.). First pic up top is of Zog Dog dropping into the maw of Second Drop. Then again of him here slip-sliding his way into Third Drop, All we brought were playboats, kinda made it interesting if ya' know what I mean! After it was all said and done we were able to get three laps in by hiking back up and taking out directly after Climax. BIg ups to Adam for the ride up.

Sorry about the quite here on the site, this update is long-overdue. I've been on the road out west for a bit, but I'm back home with more pictures and stories than ever. So keep an eye on this here, and the Team Riot Blog for upcoming updates about the trip of my life!