Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Enter the Donkey

Coming at you this summer is a sweet new DVD "Enter the Donkey," and it's brought to you by my buddies, Spencer Cooke, Chris Gragtmans and Joey Hall. They have collected some nice footage over the past year or so and this DVD is just a cool way to share it with everyone.

For more info check out... http://www.effort.tv/enterthedonkey.htm

Big props out to the Charlotte paddling community for making the Premiere of "Enter the Donkey" one of the biggest boating events I've seen in the area! We had a bunch of folks come out that I hadn't seen in a while , and I'm stoked that the new film brought so many old friend back together again. If you missed the event in Charlotte, We've got a Premiere coming up pretty soon at Footsloggers up in Boonetown!

Come check out the new DVD at Footsloggers in Downtown Boone on Thursday the 24th at 8:30pm. A $2 donation per person will go to American Whitewater. Beverages for all.

Here's some of the locals pretty stoked about the new movie!!!

Scuding it up again, this time Sunshine Left. Word up to Moffatt Prescott for snaping a nice shot here.