Monday, July 09, 2007

Magical Mystery Tour: Cruisin' with the Boonetown Boys

The most frequent flyer miles caught by anyone at the Mountain Games, had to be the freeride mountain bikers. These guys truely ripped! After some partying in Vail, the group decided to head to Clear creek of the Ark, a very pretty, boogiein' run that comprised of three fun gorged out sections.

Here's WIll Stubbs and Nate from Boulder dropping into the first gorge. It's hard not to go kayaking in Colorado and not be in a super pretty spot.

We got a couple runs in during the day, thanks to friendly folk helping out with shuttle. Nate, Stubbs and Shane Groves hangs out here at the get-out waiting for the horse-drawn carriages to arrive, Dave's hiding because he's cared of horses. Maybe they were mountain goat-drawn, no wait, those were on the mountain, if you look long enough at one of those white dots.

After the couple of runs, instead of heading to Salida to playboat I opted to hang with the Boonetown Crew charging it out west this summer. Dave and Stubbs, pictured here, cold kick it by our take-out campsite campfire. A few wonderous happenings happened momoments after this kodak moment. Two homies from BV hooked it up with grilled salmon and triscits. Dave ran our shuttle for run three. We were greeted on our dusk run by a much higher flow; lesson learned, run clear creek later in the day to reduce amount of f-u rocks.

I feel your pain, brotha! Last summer, bout the time we past this dude, I was probably doing the exact same thing, but looking at goats instead of tall mountains.

Bailey Run, south-west of Denver, was`the next stop. The clan boogies out from the main portion of the run to find amazing looking domes everywhere. A cool way to end a fun run.

After Bailey, we met back up with Nate and checked out the Lower South Boulder. This here picture is of me dropping into a funky little drop on the run. The entrance gig I'm in was a cool boof-into-a-slot move right before the bottom dropped out.

And again me finishing the bottom part of the rapid with a sherlock flicky kicky boof. Fluffy like my corn pops.

The Boonetown Birgade continued it's movement north up to Fort Collins, where Stubbs had connetions with beds. Twas here were we found the Narrows of the Poudre. The Narrows here in NC is the jam, so having found a gnars out west, I had to go. After arrival it was determined that the level was on the high side of things, and Dave and Stubbs opted out. Here I am having a solo session in the early gorge.

The run-out to the same gorge. It was far upstream of this point that I reliezed what I had gotten my self into. A high-water chargefest that was the pushiest thing I had seen since Gore Canyon. I must if you catch it a good level.

Again, lost, wishing I had scouted more on the drive up. Many Big ups to Will and Dave for letting me cruise for a few days. Hope you boys are having fun living in Cali for the summer!

Stay tuned for more of the world wide web's broadcast of the Magical Mystery Tour.

Pray for Rain!!!


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