Monday, October 30, 2006

Ravens Fork

The plan was to leave for the Russell Fork on Friday afternoon, camp at the festival grounds and then get a practice run in on Sat. morning before the race. I had just recieved my Perception Mirage from Shane, (Thanks dogg!) and had outfitted it as best as I could. Then it began to rain.

Saturday morning I woke to rain still pattering away and the Russell Fork climbing at 2800cfs. I was headed South. I met up at Chris G's house to see what was going off near Ashvegas. Ravens Fork was going to be high, and most people were headed to the Horsepasture. Again we waited to see what the gauges were doing. As soon as the Oconaluftee started dropping back down we made a dash for it. Met up with Nasty Nate Silsbee, Chancy, and Robbie and loaded up in Rob's truck and were off.

Chris and I scouting Mike Tyson's Punchout.

At the trail-head we met up with the Tdub gang and strted our hike in. One boat down the mountian, and a couple of nice falls later we were at the river with crystal clear water and blue skys. As we pulled up to Anaconda,Wilson and Drew appeared on the bank with Jim Bob. The day turned out to be perfect. As we moved down the river the rapids never let up, drop after drop, boof after boof if was like heaven on earth. We had a great group and for the most part everyone had good lines.

Drew driving it into Mike Tyson's.

We got to Big Boy just in time to see the huck session, Pat, Tommy, Jason, John, Jules, Rafel and Robbie all fired it up. It was a very unique experience to stand at the top of that drop and watch as some to the best paddlers in the world fired up one of the nastiest drops in the SE.

Tommy Tsunami stomppin' it!!!

After Big Boy we continued on down through Mike Tyson's and Caveman and some quality boogie. One more portage around the Mangaler and we were at Emanuel's taking off.

The Ravens Fork provided us with a great day of good water, good people and good times. i can't wait to get back!!!

Thanks to Nathan Silsbee for the visuals.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This looks great.
What does "for the most part everyone had good lines."? Aren't you going to describe some carnage???

Did you run "Big Boy" yourself?

Does everyone portage around Mangaler?

Sounds and looks like a great river!

I presume you have seen:
This has good photos and descriptions of the run. The water quality and scenery sounds awesome!
Good day, good life!!!!

3:12 PM  
Blogger JAH WILL said...

That's great Coop! Sorry I missed it. Ravens has been on my hit list for awhile...I'm jealous!


4:06 PM  

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