Monday, October 16, 2006

Russell Fork

Sock Monkeys, El Swimo, Camp Chris and a mysterious VW van are the only memories of the last trip to the Russell Fork two years ago. This year's trip north was a different story; With the Lord of the Fork only a couple weeks away it was time to get down!!!

I met up with JC superstar, Adam Herzog, at 8am and started the drive north to the Muscle Fork. Don't call Adam if you want to go kayaking and sleep in, sleeping in and Adam Herzog don't get along. Two other words you wouldn't think would be spoken together are "playboating" and "Adam Herzog." But someday you too might be lucky enough to catch Mr. Zog in his Session+ tearing it up!!!

Bryon, who lives in the sweet looking pad at the put-in of the Watauga, also met us up at the Fork. Bryon was lapping it up with us in his bluebird Crossfire. Here we find Bryon in his natural habitat, using the forward stroke to get 'er done!!! Use extreme caution while driving in the High Country these days, because Bryon recently bought a crotch-rocket and can be spotted riding in the buff round these parts, it's acually kind of disturbing.

I usually can't be spotted anywhere because of my new invisible cloak that I stole from Harry Potter. I had to take it off for the playboating runs because it got caught up in my PFD when I was throwing wheels. Here's a shot of me about to wheel off El Horrendo. Thanks to Bryon for snapping this pic and Adam's shot.

Two days, six runs, two in the playboats, great scenery, better rapids, and sweet people made this weekend special. It was the third weekend in a row I've gotten six runs on either the Green or the Fork. Thanks to John and Shaggy for the ride up for #4 on Saturday, didn't think we were going to get that one in!

And for everybody stoked about their new long boat they bought on eBay...

Peace in the Middle East.


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