Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Russell Fork: It Bites!!!

This is Zog. His name rhymes with frog and he's a bad-ass-mo-fo who don't give a rat's ass about yo momma, or why she was late picking you up from detention after school in the 8th grade. I rode with Zog up to the first weekend of Russell Fork season. We were able to enjoy five laps on one of the finest stretches of river in the Southeast. Check out his blog...ZogTraining for another perspective on the weekend.

This, here feller's name is Bryon Douglas. Bryon demonstrates one helluva boof stroke for us on El Horrendo. Thanks Bryon.

Caleb Paquette is another JC hardcore that everyone should know about. This dude eats glass shards for breakfast...really, that's not a joke. I think this boof after Climax is the jam, and so does Caleb, he just wishes the landing was about 20 feet lower than it is.

Bryon, Nettle, and Adam enjoy the scenery while cruising shuttle. Big Thanks to Caleb's wife, Ashley, for helping out with driving. Twas HUGE!

Did I mention it's kinda pretty? One day, a long time from now, the Russell Fork River will cut through this ridge. When that happens, the rapids Tower, Fist and maybe some of Maze will be lost to the newly formed ox-bow lake. That will be a very sad day. On the other hand, a new rapid might be formed where the train tunnel is now. Someone will run it, and probably name it freight-train.

This is Nettles. People say Americans have a bigger "personal bubble" than other cultures. I think if we were all dogs, we probably wouldn't have that issue.

Nathan Silsbee arrived on the scene with a different type of craft. Pictured here is a Switch, Frontside, Splat-Ledgewheel.

We put on around noon each day, and caught water both days. There could be worse places to have to stop and be forced to enjoy your surroundings.

...Like next to this sawed-off mountain. Mountain Top Removal is bad, so quick, go kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia!!!

I returned a couple weeks later along with Adam Bixby and Jon Angermier to again harvest the goods of the Fork. This time, it bit.

Longboats were the craft of choice for much of the weekend. Some real speed demons came out for the Chargefest. Nombres include Chris Graggletop, Bryon Kirkulous, Geoff Calhoun, Clay Wright, and many more. Good lines and not so good lines were had by all. After three laps Geoff and I went up and squeezed one more run it. During said run, I pitoned in El Horrendo and broke my Excel. (Sorry Pablo!)

On Sunday we ran the mighty Fork twice more, this time in playboats. On the last run of the day I landed tweaked out, off El Horrendo, and hit a rock with my shoulder upon landing. The impact, I came to find out later that week, tore my AC ligament in my left shoulder. This injury has taken me off of the water for a bit, (I didn't get to race the Lord of the Fork this past weekend) and puts my Green Race eligibility in serious doubt. I'm truly bummed, but still had a great weekend of six runs on one of my favorite rivers with a bunch of my favorite friends.

Kayaking has always been a way for me to let loose and forget about everything else happening in the world. I wish I could go kayaking right now; Not being able to, gives me a chance to reflect on, and appreciate, the times when we can. I will be back on the water soon, and I can't wait!!!


Blogger Chris Gallaway said...

Yeah, Coop. Fun post, and good luck recovering.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coop-a-loop! To a speedy recovery, unfortunately I've been forced off the water due to health, take it in stride, you'll be back sooner than later. I'm out next week so hopefully I'll get to see you before I leave. Peace

6:25 PM  
Blogger Isaac said...

Ha... you got a pic of the jacket... I haven't seen many pics of those two weekends.

9:30 PM  
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