Thursday, July 26, 2007

California Love: Upper Cherry Creek, Day 2

One of a million cool things about California is you always have a "wake-up rapid." This was she, Day 2 of our Upper Cherry Creek trip. It's a slide you run the day before, but we walked up to run it into the teacups again before heading downstream directly into Groove Tube, Perfect 20 and Double Pothole. Many huge rapids on Day 2, we bombed into just about everyone of them, so no pictures, sorry. This is actually the only picture I have of me running a rapid in California! Thanks to Pat for snapping it for me!!!

Nick from the Chatt-town crew, feeling like a cherry seed about to get the dickens launched out of Loch Ness Monster's two front teeth. Kinda have that walled-in feeling feeling, again.

Bet looks out to the entrance of Double Pothole. We portaged the drop that slams into this eddy and rock, there's a line...with serious consequences. Get left and hey diddle-diddle, but get ready, cause that thing is WAY bigger than it looks in video and pics!

Pat Keller getting it back down on Dead Bear Falls. Lunch numero uno after this big guy. Rat-a-tat-Pat also had a freaking smooth greased donkey line through Kiwi in a Pocket. Kinda botched the footy on that one! Sorry bro.

Speaking of footy, thank you much out to Pat from taking video the whole time we were out in the promised land!!!

Bet riding them rapids like a cougar running from Pecos Bill. The whole time I was out there I couldn't help but think of what it was like for Old Pecos and the Wild Westerners of yesteryear. That, and I really expected T-Rex to bound by at any moment. Was it in our Minds?

No Reeboks here, we only pump water. Straight from the river we paddle!!! The promised land I tell you. The promised land, bring yee an agua pump if you like to drink water while participating in water-sport activities. Also have some kind of back-up, in our case that was a gigger of iodine.

Crazy tree at Lunch 2. There's some amazing boogie after Dead Bear, anywhere that wasn't a famous rapid there was incredible high-quality shit to be run. The promised land. I like to eat alot of food (that might be an understatement) point is, bring in a bunch of groceries. Food=Energy; Energy on the water=a good thing, and fun times! Also, good training to hike in with extra portions!

Dag-gone, friggin,funnestmostyeehawinbuckingbronco, dig,dag, a wag,a tagarooin-yeah. Reed stoked about a good ride through the Nozzle. Ain't it aint over, till the fat lady sings! Keep on yer toes cause ya still got titties left!!!

Pat looks out over Cherry Lake. Cow of holiness, is it pretty!!! The last of the goods behind us, Nick took time to unleash the fountain of the blister that once was. MMmmm, get-u-some.

Post blister pop, Nick exits stage right as the gorge that was our home for a couple days disappears until another summer.

Stay tuned here on your dial for the mother-load report, next time coming at ya from the MIddle Fork of the Kings!!!


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